Technology & Application

The proprietary product we use is a unique Long-Term Antimicrobial Surface and Air Protection System. The System itself is comprised of two distinct yet equally remarkable, patented and EPA registered products: 

Step 1: Clean

A high-performance, multi-surface cleaner; no-rinse, no-wipe sanitizer and broad-spectrum hospital grade disinfectant; and odor, allergen, mold, mildew and fungi eliminator.

Step 2: Shield

A semi-permanent antimicrobial surface protectant that continuously inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The complete system installation is achieved by fogging CLEAN and SHIELD, one product right after the other, throughout a designated area and the HVAC system that services it. Upon application, the system:

  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses
  • We are in accordance with CDC guidelines for fighting off the Coronavirus COVID19 —
  • Destroys mold & mildew and helps prevent regrowth
  • Makes treated surfaces antimicrobial
  • Eliminates existing, and helps prevent future odors
  • Sanitizes HVAC system components and ductwork
  • Continuously purifies interior room air
  • Meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus   that causes the disease COVID-19
  • Our treatment goes hand in hand with your current cleaning regimen. We come in and provide a deep disinfection and sanitizing two step process that continuously protects 24 hours 7 days a week & lasts up to 90 days!
  • Application will protect both porous and non-porous areas, including floors, carpet,  chairs, Phones, keyboards, restrooms, doorknobs, walls and all other hard to reach areas.

Even more than its versatility, what’s most remarkable about this system is it can last and remain antimicrobially effective for months, and does so without the use of any hazardous chemicals.

How Our Product Works

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